Interiors by JODI LIU

A Kama'aina Interior Decorating Company

Home decorating may be a luxury but it does not have to break your bank or cost an exorbitant amount of money. We aim to beautify a room or transform your whole house into a lovely, comfy, functional, welcoming home for your family on an affordable budget. You give us your budget and we'll work within that amount. We are not a high end decorating firm, but instead strive to help everyday island families have homes they are proud to bring their friends and family to. 

    Achieving a well decorated home is very possible and the motivation is there to help you along when you have someone with a vision for your home who will help spark ideas and do a bulk of the work for you.

    We also decorate small business or office spaces to make them beautiful and welcoming but still very practical and functional.

    At Welcome Home! we will make sure you see and approve any large pieces before purchasing and we'll show you the simple things you can do yourself to save money. 

    It's amazing to see how even a small or humble home or office can be dramatically transformed with just a little bit of love and creativity!