Interiors by JODI LIU

My Decorating

I am not affiliated with any store nor do I receive commissions from any  store or online site. Instead, I shop all over the island, from budget to higher end furniture stores and from big warehouse stores to quaint little shops. I also hunt for hard to find accessories online. Hawai'i is often limited in what we have here on island but there are so many amazing items available from all over the world. There are beautiful, quality furnishings to be found everywhere and the options are endless!

    I'm all about decorating with furnishings and accessories that people will use almost everyday, but at a fraction of the cost. 

We'll work with your preferences and help you find your own decor style whether it be tropical island, contemporary, transitional, traditional, ultra modern, vintage shabby chic or rustic.  If you like eclectic, we can mix a little of all of the above!