Interiors by JODI LIU
Initial Consultation

There is a fee of $75.00 for our initial one hour consultation where we will come out to your home or office, meet you and hear your concerns and decorating desires. If you do hire Jodi and Welcome Home, the $75.00 will be deducted from your bill and we will agree on a budget for the project which includes how much you will allow us to spend on furniture and decor. This amount will be paid upfront in full before project begins.

    If we are under budget, you will be refunded the overage amount. If for some reason you need to discontinue the project before completion, the remaining monies leftover in the budget will be returned to you but partial or all service fees will still be charged.  *We can also work out a purchase-as-you-go system for the big ticket items. You will be given an estimated time of completion and we will do our best to stick to that time frame, but of course, everything will be dependant on finding the right items for your home.

 Decorating Fees

When we meet with you, you'll see that our fees are extremely reasonable and there is no comparison to bigger, more established, higher end decorating companies. Since we do not make any profit on the furniture and accessories, the fee for services is per room. Each room will be different depending on size, difficulty and work to be done. Half of this amount is due at the start of the project and the other half at completion. *This payment is in addition to the full budgeted amount used to purchase your decor.

    We do not do organizing or cleaning but will show you what needs to be done before we can decorate and we'll show you things you can do yourself to save more money! 

 Personal Character References

 I know how important it is to be able to trust someone coming into your home. If you decide to hire me, a list of personal references with names of friends and local associates can be given to you at your request. These people are of outstanding moral character that will be able to vouch for my personal character and integrity.